An Amazon Adventuress, Ning, teams up with two other like-minded women in search of a set of kidnapped twins by a demon cult.

Ning is an amazon with an eye for the ladies. She wanders into a small village and meet two other like-minded amazons that are in search of a set of kidnapped twins, taken by demons. The twins are destined for the sacrificial altar of the Pale Skinned Lady and the Agares.

The adventure is filled with twists and turns, often encountering sexual obstacles, demons and magic along the way. The three women get to know each other quite well during the search and the evenings are filled with their idea of relaxation, laying naked in a quivering heap with each other.

The search is not all about lesbian lust and passion, there are dangers from the gidum and the ereshkigal, inhuman demons with a taste for human flesh. The demon have two goals: keep their captives and sacrifice them to their god and keep the missing twins away from the three amazons.

With some effort, the trio finally finds the kidnappers and learn the meaning of fear as the inhuman rat like creatures ambush them and try to have the three for lunch. The women barely escape the ambush and in the escape they find the twins, and the Agares captors and hope they can escape with not only the twins but their own lives.


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