Liz King forgets to erase her search history on her work laptop. It is filled with queries for lesbian porn. Her boss has found it. She knows she is doomed.

Liz King's day has gone to hell in a handbasket. She forgot to erase her search history on her work laptop and her boss found it on a routine inspection. Liz realized the repercussions are going to be severe and could get her fired. She wishes she were dead, or at least in another time of place.

Going to bed that night the dread of her exposure to her co-workers fills her mind until she falls into a fitful sleep. Her slumber is permeated with horrible nightmares and ethereal dreams. When she awakens the next morning the world seems to have changed.

Everything is kind of, sort of the same, but in certain ways, the world she woke to is overflowing with perverted and debauched signs telling her she is not in her old world. Or is she. Maybe she was teleported to a comparative dimension, where reality has been turned on its head.

Surprise after surprise hits her in the face. Her two very conservative roommates are flagrantly perverted. Running around nearly nude and talking lewd things and engaging in overt licentiousness.

The biggest surprise is Jessica, a girl Liz has worshipped since kindergarten, and who would never give her the time of day in the old world, is now her very horny girlfriend. With Jessica at her side the two experience sexual depravity at the mall. And sacrilegious behavior in the church run by the decadent cleric Sister Mary. Who is also Liz’s boss?

The characteristic torment in the purgatory of the comparative dimension is that Liz is never sure if she is dreaming, or not. She experiences several occurrences where she sees behind the fabric of the dream; sometimes leading her to believe she will awake. But she doesn't.



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