Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water...



Tale of a Post-Apocalyptic world where hominid life forms have destroyed themselves and nearly the planet in global wars; there emerges, Factors, who may be the salvation to the burned-out world. 

The emergence of a new species, following a global apocalypse on a devastated planet, provides hope the new world can be salvaged. The new species, Factors, are divided into four distinct kingdoms. All with abilities that can rejuvenate the burned-out world.

The four kingdoms, Flatus, Aqua, Terra, and Ignis all have the power to provide for the specific needs of the planet. The emergence of these kingdoms is not without roadblocks. The four groups have yet learned to cooperate with one another, let alone ‘like one another’, and each wants to be the supreme kingdom during the planet's rebirth.

The four kingdoms send selected representatives of each group to search for the spirit of the planet, that which brought the Factors into existence, and learn how best to utilize the powers of each kingdom. The four representatives are the royal princesses of their people. Aurora, Ganga, Ceres, and Ageras.

The highly anticipated pilgrimage of the four is not without problems, getting the four pampered princesses to get along is the main problem. The other is the interference of a renegade from the Factor group, Elder F'Wtia who is trying to resurrect the former occupants of the planet the hominids and rule the world on her own.

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