A renegade Vampire relates her tale of being hunted by an assassin hired by the Elders. Not for what she has done but what she might do.

Renegade vampire, Crystal, is wounded and near exhaustion. She has been chased for three months by the deadly Vampire Hunter Gyre, hired by the Elders because of a power Crystal possesses she is not even aware of.

Laying in the cold snow, waiting for the hunter to complete the job, she reminisces about her life, her turning and the harrowing time leading up to her impending death. Finally Gyre, comes to her in her last minutes just as she loses consciousness.

She awakens and finds the hunter has not killed, but rather rescued her in from the freezing, snowy weather and has her cleaned up, and warm and gives her some 'life' saving nourishment. It’s then she discovers, Gyre has no intentions of killing her. But must find a way to make the elders believe that she has.

The two women, talk and discuss why the Elders want her dead and the reason makes no sense to either of them at all. The hunter reveals that she has admired Crystal from afar, ever since she first began the chase. Her admiration in that time has escalated to lust, and both vampires succumb to the other's charms. Leading to a romantic interlude with a twist.


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