Raven is a vampire. Her lover, Bo has been cheating on her so she brings Stella home from a club to get even.

Raven and Bo have been lovers for some time. Raven actually turned Bo into a vampire, something that Bo secretly despises Raven for doing. To get even she begins cheating on Raven. When Raven figures it out, she goes clubbing and picks up Stella and takes her home while Bo is out, most likely with her secret lover.

Bo comes home earlier than expected and finds Stella and Raven together. At first, Bo keeps her composure but as the evening progresses, it’s obvious to Bo that Raven is flaunting Stella at her to get even. Furious at being found out and even more so being cuckolded, her anger grows hotter.

To make matters worse, Raven boldly takes Stella to bed, into Bo and Raven's bed, and makes love to her right under Bo's nose. That is the last straw for Bo and she gets into a knockdown drag-out fight with Stella. The fight is a 'Loser Leaves Town' fight. And Stella isn't planning on leaving.

Raven and Stella gang up on Bo after Bo is bested in her fight with Stella. When the Vampire and her new girlfriend are finished with Bo she is unconscious and dropped off at a bus station, quite a bit sore and really ticked off. She vows to get revenge on Raven. The two new lovers believe that’s the last they will see of Bo.

Not so! Bo pursues Raven and Stella for two years and Raven has eluded her wrath. Tired of running Raven goes on the offensive and decides to confront Bo and settle it once and for all. What she finds when she does shocks her to the core. It also convinces her that there is more than Bo's wrath she needs to be wary of.


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