Two twin teenagers, Erin and Lisa, stumble across a team of Bounty Killers while exploring the planetoid Kerberos

  Twins, Erin, and Lisa stumble across a deadly team of Bounty Killers during their exploration of one of Pluto's small moons. Little knowing how the event was going to drag them into a terrifying journey that could cost them their lives.   
  They witness the killing of an escaped prisoner in cold blood, and the kidnapping of another before they are carried away by the strange force called The Gale.
  When the two stop to refuel, they meet up with Olivia an older British woman that lives on the moon. They relate to her what they witnessed and Olivia is eager to help them find out the purpose of the killer squad. Olivia having had experience with the lesbian killers.
  The prisoner that the twins saw captured has been taken to a hidden bunker and used as a sex toy for two of the Bounty Killers. She is subjected to all manner of depraved lesbian sexual acts. The two killers are to find out the location of a mine where other prisoners are in hiding The prisoner Chrysta is discarded when she is unable to reveal the location of the mine. The two dominating women leave her tied up in the bunker to die.
  Olivia and the twins, with the aid of the local chief council team find the prisoner, but she is guarded by a band of vicious Walking Dead and a battle ensues, leaving many casualties, including the mortally wounded Erin and Lisa. The prisoner is found and she is near death and taken away for medical treatment.
  Olivia waits dutifully at the hospital while the twins undergo treatment and slowly return to normal. The only thing on Olivia's mind is the twin's safety and getting them off the moon as quickly as possible.


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