Paige Wilson is a nerdy college coed, whose life changes when her mother gifts her with a new overcoat and an ornate diary or journal.

  Closet Lesbian, twenty-on years old and generally a total nerd, Paige still lives at home with her mother, and lives the life of a recluse without friends or much social activity.

She and her mother are preparing for New Year's Eve partying. Her mother surprises her with a new overcoat, and an ornate journal or diary, as a late Christmas gift.

The New Year's party becomes a bad memory for Paige when she blacks out on her way back to her car at the end of the evening. Short term amnesia sets in and she remembers little of what happened or how she got home.

The strangeness continues when she learns later that day that her birth mother is still alive and that the woman she has known as her mother is actually just a woman that adopted her.

At the same time, she learns she has a sister, Eve who is coming to live with her and her stepmother. And to top it off Eve is the one that reveals to Paige, that both she and Paige are witches, or more specifically Forerunners.

Armed with this new knowledge, and a new ally in Eve, Paige emerges as a social butterfly, no longer a nerdy wallflower. Her romantic life goes from none at all to hyperdrive. Can she deal with being popular, a witch, and a lesbian without any complications?

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