An Abundance of Time

Seven stories of time travel embroiled with lesbian erotica and science fiction

All stories have been previously released except for A Quiet Time.

 A Quiet Time: Julle and Orchi are great friends, one of them is a Nurri and the other is a Quelf. Their two peoples have been sworn enemies for centuries. Both females decide the best way to keep the friendship is through time travel.

Time Battle: Army Vet and Federal Emission Control employee, Shay Case inspects a mine giving off strange alien-like emissions. The emission renders her unconscious, during her inspection.

The Time: A gelatinous blob is an advanced force of for an alien invasion of Earth. Its plan is simple, divide, and conquer using mind control.

Pleasure in Time: It’s the 23rd Century and Mary Grey is a Captain in the Stellar Armada. She is also very much a lesbian. Mary excels at both.

The Reluctant Time Traveler: Sam was born with the alienability to jump through time. He can jump planets, times, and change persona. But he can't control when it happens.

Mistress of Time Manipulation: Nikki is a pledge to a sorority that is filled with bullies and sexual psychopaths. She is humiliated almost to her limit until an unlikely ally comes to her rescue.

Stranded in Time: Jacqueline wakes hungover with a blank memory of the night before. Then she is contacted by a person claiming to be a stranded Time Traveler who fills in the blank spots.

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