Challenged with arranging a vacation for her and her 3 friends, Kari’s decision was fortuitously crystallized by a woman she meets in a bar.


Kari and her friends, Jenny, Maxine, and Hanna have taken an annual vacation together for several years. This year it is Kari's turn to make the arrangements. Feeling she is at a loss to top the previous trips, her luck changes when she meets Jill, attractive mature women, in a bar and she offers Kari and her friends a hard to refuse vacation. With some stipulations.

Kari and her friends, all twenty-ish, have to promise Jill that if they accept her offer, they will be available for Jill and her equally mature friends. Hooking up with women twenty years older is not enticing, but the offer is hard to refuse. What the hell it's a vacation if Jill’s friends are as attractive as she is, who will ever know?

Arriving at the resort, the young girls are surrounded by other young girls, and it makes the promise to Jill and her friends hard to keep but at least they can accept the first night's offer of dinner and drinks at Jill and her friend's place. Even though expectations were low. At the last minute, Kari gets sick and has to stay in her suite, and the others head for the party with the mature ladies.

Surprisingly, when the younger girls return to their own suite, they have had a complete change of heart since spending the evening with the older women. Somewhat of a miraculous transformation, Kari thinks. So intrigued by the way events have gone she is determined to find out the reason for the change. What she finds out is like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

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