Four Girls, Becca, Gwen, Erin, and Krystal, struggle with life and love in the dark and dystopian world of the 22nd century.

Becca and Gwen live in an underground sanctuary called the Harbor. A group of people struggling with the hard and desolate world of the 22nd century, a world of post-apocalyptic nature and dystopian in reality.

The threat of a devasting invasion to their safe haven, Becca and Gwen wisely escape to the wilderness in search of a new safe haven out of reach of the invading horde.

Krystal is another of the inhabitants of Harbor but not quite as lucky and gets captured by the ebony attired invading force, bent on world domination. The ruthless invaders use drugs to keep their captives docile and emotionless.

As fate would have it, Krystal catches the eye of one the members of the invading horde, Erin. Erin kindly moves Krystal out of the concentration camp-like prison she lives into her own more comfortable quarters. The two soon develop a friendship and a romance begins to blossom between them.

Krystal's luck changes again and Erin and Krystal’s unlawful actions are discovered and they must flee for their lives and take to the desert wilderness outside the invaders compound.

Near-death due to the harsh environment of the desert miraculously they are rescued by a friendly group of former Harbor residents also hiding from the invaders.

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