Juana or Juanita is a Socket, barely surviving in the dystopian world of Empress City by taking whatever the rich controlling Plugs give her.

Empress City is a dystopian nightmare. Ruled by the ruthless General Sator, and his small wealthy group of followers known as Plugs. Juanita is a Socket, the lower class population. There are four Sockets for every Plug. Juanita and the other Plugs are barely surviving from day to day.

Jobs are scarce in Empress City and the Sockets depend on meager handouts they get from the Plugs. As the names imply, Plugs spend a good deal of time trying to insert themselves into any available Socket. Plugs and Sockets are not gender-related, rather social status indicators. There are male and female Plugs.

Juanita meets up with her first Plug, a male, and services his needs, all for a roast beef sandwich. Sockets are not abusive, just egocentric and once Juanita had provided her service the Plug gave her the sandwich and left her ten miles from home.

Fortunately, a rare, empathetic Plug, Sue, sees Juanita hitchhiking and picks her up and takes her home. Sue makes no demands on Juanita and even invites her to dinner to her place the next day. Expecting a free meal, Juanita accepts and the next day heads for Sue's home.

When Juanita arrives she is shocked at the comfortable accommodations Sue has and is fed more than she ever expected. In return, to Juanita's surprise, Sue only asked in return was to let her service the young Socket. Thus initiating a relationship built on respect and trust. Sue seems too good to be true. She has to have something on her mind and Juanita decides to stick around the mysterious Sue and find out.

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