Gabrielle is a Vampire Hybrid who works as a supernatural troubleshooter, dealing with paranormal offenses and consulting with the General Council for Supernatural Affairs.

This day, started just like any other day for Gabrielle. An evening at a dance club, finding a cute girl to dance with. Then sharing a cab with a weather shaper bent on doing evil to Gabrielle, and she has to put in her place and teach her how to behave with a vampire hybrid.

After she dispatches the weather shaper, she heads to a club where she works and immediately finds she has gotten on the wrong side of Tara, a ranking member of the General Council for Supernatural Affairs and her girlfriend, Leigh. Gabrielle as diplomatically as possible puts Tara in her place but has makes an enemy with a long memory.

Wrapping up the evening she calls upon the Novem the ethereal beasts of Sator and rides through the Cherub Forest to rescue a teenage girl who has been abandoned by her people and is on the brink of ending her own life. Her abandonment is due to her lesbian inclinations.

Gabrielle finds Jessica, the girl with a death wish, just in time and persuades her not to take her own life and convinces her that her life is worth living. In helping Jessica, the girl becomes smitten with Gabrielle and begs her to take her with her. But before Gabrielle has a chance to decide, she is alerted to an impending attack from a powerful coven planning to destroy the Grand Council for Paranormal affairs.

She leaves the Novum in the Cherub forest and heads off for the embattled Council. She receives an urgent call for help from one of the Council members, Tabitha, and impulsively storms into the Council Chambers, unknowingly running into a trap.

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