On the outer rim of a distant galaxy, two space traveler's meet. Asha and Fre. One from Earth the other from Dugdow.

Asha is a Navigator or pilot on an intergalactic space freighter. The long trips she makes between galaxies require that she undergo cryogenics to sleep during her decades-long trips. Because of that, the aging process is neutralized. Astonishingly, Asha appears to be a thirty-year-old human female, but by the benefits of her cryogenic slumbers, she is several millennia old.

On and a trip to a galaxy light-years from earth, she has several day layovers on Base Freedom while her spacecraft is loaded. To pass the time, a trip to the only club on the Base, allows her to mingle with aliens of all different shapes and sizes. One alien in particular catches her eye, Fre, who is a Gathas, a race of large humanoid creatures with even larger sexual appetites.

The two are strange bedfellow from the beginning. Diminutive Asha is a sexually inexperienced straight female, and Amazonian sized Fre is a well-traveled female and lesbian. As they talk and bond the two women develop a rapport that moves on to lust and the two soon leave for Fre's quarters to begin Asha's lesbian initiation.

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