New Englander Fran Foster is a recent journalism grad who lands a newspaper job, in a small southern town. Surprisingly, her first job is to interview a witch.

A graduate of Colby College, a small New England college, Fran Foster has a difficult time finding a position near her home. Depressed and discouraged she finally lands a job in a small town in Georgia. Folkston, near the Okefenokee Swamp.

As a joke, her editor sends her into the Swamp to interview a real honest to goodness witch. Confused and discouraged she nearly turns around after driving for miles and seeing nothing; but then she spots a house, a house that seems out of place for the surroundings.

Emboldened by her discovery Fran goes to the door of the house and soon she is met by Vida, a quite attractive, exotic-looking woman of indeterminate age. '40s is Fran's guess. The woman introduces herself and her live-in friend Martine.

Over a cup of delightful mint tea a somewhat embarrassed, Fran explains she was sent to interview a witch and apologizes for having fallen for the joke her editor played on her. Her thoughts of leaving are interrupted though when Vida confirms that she is in fact a witch.

Furthermore, she is tutoring Martine to be a witch also.

Vida goes on to explain herself and easily draws Fran into the fantastic story she tells. Fran is soon bewitched by the two women and at that point begins a tale of debauchery, deviltry, and otherworldly passion. Fran learns that Vida is not at all what she seems.

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