Sandie becomes a witch's familiar after she runs over a black cat, on her way to a 
friend’s house.

  Cute, shy and but unpopular closet lesbian Sandie, is full of excitement at the thought of her spending time with beautiful cheerleader Dana. Her excitement distracts her as she is driving to Dana's house and her car hits a black cat running across the highway. Her lust for Dana negates the remorse she feels for the injured cat and continues on to her date.


  Hot bi-sexual Dana knows Sandie has the hots for her and that is why she invited her over to study at her place. Dana's offer is quite self-serving as she manipulates Sandie into pleasuring her and quickly after sends Sandie on her way, causing Sandie to feel used and foolish.


 Sandie leaves Dana’s to return home, depressed and angry and stops along the high way to cry her eyes out. While sitting in the car, feeling sorry for herself, an old woman taps on the car window and asks Sandie to help her find her lost kitten. Little knowing the old crone's kitten is the one Sandie ran over hours earlier.


   Once Sandie gets out to help, the trajectory of Sandie's life shifts course, she learns the old woman is actually a witch and is seeking revenge for Sandie's execution of her kitten. In the process, the witch recruits Sandie into a Satanic cult and the shy teen soon learns she enjoys the benefits.

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