Nicole Kane is an academic who dabbles in the Mystical Arts, but by dabbling she makes a deadly enemy forcing her to summon her own demon for help.

 Nicole Kane is a doctorate student and has an affinity toward the dark and occult and the mystical. While dabbling around in the darkness she runs afoul of a long-dead Egyptian sorceress. After several attempts on her life, Nicole realizes she must summon her own mystical devil to assist her against the attacks of the Egyptian sorceress.

She summons Veronehx, a demon she finds by searching a rare codex on magic. The drawing of the demon in the margin of the codex convinces Nicole, that is the demon she wants. She soon finds out the drawing doesn't do Veronehx justice and in person, she is much more imposing. Veronehx is more deadly and dangerous than Nicole imagined, leaving Nicole to wonder if she can control the demon.

Following a heated negotiation, the two come to terms with what they will do together to neutralize the deadly Heka, the Egyptian Sorceress. The pair set out immediately and with the help of her newfound ally, Nicole is racing across dimensions in the chaotic Void of Hell. An experience that opens her eyes to the real danger she is about to face.

The time spent in Hell stretches both Nicole's magical powers and Veronehx demon abilities. Nicole is shocked at the erotic torture that her new friend imposes on the Egyptian's bodyguards, totally draining them in the most intense erotic torture. The experience does not go on without it affecting Nicole's own libido and makes her more determined to find Heka and straighten her out.

Just as the two of them are about to close in on Heka, they discover that Heka is more powerful than the first thought. The power coming from a quirk of biology and soon the two intruders into hell are at the mercy of Heka and their future looks bleak, horrible, and everlasting.

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