As a result of an Alien abduction, Steff has been left with a strange ability to live out any fantasy she wants.

Steff found it was difficult to think of her ability as anything other than a hobby, something to fill time and pursue her fantasies in real life. But there were times she wasn’t sure the ability was a gift or a curse. Especially after a recent event with Kassidy.

Kassidy was every lesbian woman's dream, and Steff was nearly bored with the whole thought of another beautiful woman chasing her and her hooking up. Kassidy however was nothing if she wasn't persistent in her own sexy feminine way, and Steff succumbs.

Following some time of playing hard to get, Steff agrees to go with Kassidy back to her cabin in the mountains for a few drinks and an evening in her hot tub. Not long after several drinks and clothes being shed, the evening around the hot tub turns into a game of Tops and Bottoms and determining who played what role.

The long passionate evening passes into morning and the two have decided to settle into their implied rolls until somehow Kassidy breaks through the invisible barricade of the fantasy and Steff realizes all hell is going to break loose. Late morning finds Steff fleeing the cabin, clothes in hand, and driving like her life depended on it out of the mountains and away from her fantasy girl Kassidy.

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