Dangerous Women The Ladies that Lust for Them

From Neptune to Uranus. Aboard the International Space Station. Even on a Death Star. Dangerous women attract wanton women.

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Seven Great Examples of Erotic Femme Fatales and lesbian erotica:

Death Star Beyond Neptune: A mysterious Asteroid, nicknamed Death Star, is in entering Earth's solar system and discovered by an obscure scientist. His predictions of what these mean are ignored.

Erotic Projections: Hermione assumes the persona of Playne when she trips. This particular trip, though highly erotic, is not a particularly good one.

The Fire Down Below: Earth is now in a situation where all males have been killed. The surviving women use mechanical Actroids with artificial intelligence to defend them while they move underground

Genetically Compatible: Far in the distant future, Earth is run by the Satorians, and Susan Queen is part of a resistance to those oppressors.

The Job on Uranus: Miranda is a Galactic Reward Tracker. She has traveled to Uranus trying to catch a White Slave trader, Ariel.

Parasitic Predatory Possession: An introverted woman, wakes with a horrible taste in her mouth, puzzled, she learns the source and wished she hadn't.

Rocket Girl: Set in the twenty-second century, a young girl learns about life in the military structured society. Even its odd, ritualistic sex acts.

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