Specter Peak School for Girls has been rumored to be haunted for centuries, Pamela and three of her friends find out first hand why that is.

Pamela is a senior at an exclusive school for girls Specter Peak. She has an unexplainable attraction to cute girls, rather than boys. Exchange student Beatrice picks up on Pamela's lesbian leanings and sets her mind on capturing Pamela's heart.

Wendy and Kim, also students at Specter Peak become acquainted with Pamela while taking showers together after gym. The erotic tension from that experience left an indelible imprint on the libido’s of the three girls. Leaving each girl to deal with their raging hormones by themselves.

The day before Halloween, Wendy and Kim leave school to explore the forest around the school campus, for a photography project and find themselves lost in the hills of Specter Peak. To take refuge from the sudden cold snap and snow storm, the girls huddle up in a cave, that seems to be manmade.

That same day, Beatrice makes her move on Pamela and uses some of her best moves to find a way into Pamela's heart. The stunned Pamela accepts Beatrice's advances and the girls begin to explore the hidden delights of lesbian romance.

Meanwhile, the lost coed's experience many things, huddled up in the strange cave. The limestone altar, for instance, has them puzzled as to its origin, and the strange appearance of two local girls who come into the cave and build a fire for Kim and Wendy before they succumb to the cold weather.

Beatrice tells Pamela about the two lost girls after returning to Pamela's dorm room from her shower. When Beatrice asks her if she knows the lost girls, Beatrice senses something in Pamela's denial that leads her to believe there is more that Pamela is not telling her.

Pamela seems to be unaffected by the news, and the only one that seems to be worried about Wendy and Kim is Beatrice. Will Wendy and Kim be found, and if so will Beatrice find out the link between the lost girls and Pamela?

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