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A half dozen tales of conspiracy, blurred reality, time travel, and illusion. All placed up against a background of aliens, dystopia, or a strict security state. 

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Released now in one collection:

Tiffany Twisted: Physics major, Tiffany Kase, is suffering from raging hormones and a scorching elevated libido and can't seem to get satisfied.

The Triad Arrangement: The distant future, marriage, and childbearing are carried out in a three-person arrangement, a Triad. A throwback to the 20th-century free love movement of the ‘hippies'

The Trinity Ultimatum: In a future, dystopian Earth, Jill, and Tami, long time lovers, make use a time machine to reverse an operation both of them had when they were infants

The Reluctant Time Traveler: Sam was born with the alien ability to jump through time. He can jump planets, times, and change persona. But he can't control when it happens.

The Job on Uranus: Miranda is a Galactic Reward Tracker. She has traveled to Uranus trying to catch a White Slave trader, Ariel.

The Fire Down Below: Earth is now in a situation where all males have been killed. The surviving women use mechanical Actroids with artificial intelligence to defend them while they move underground

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