Clear Of Cornergrowths


Merritt Laveau and her friend Agnes have just completed their Wiccan and begin their installation as witches in the most elite coven in the northern hemisphere... 

The Endoric Art Academy is the final proving ground for aspiring witches. Merritt and her friend Agnes have just finished up their apprenticeship at Cornergrowths Wiccan School and are looking forward to joining the other select, elite witches at the select Academy.

The first thing the two learned was the need to abandon all previous beliefs, to throw off conventional attitudes, and begin to follow the path of Artemis. If they demonstrate the natural ability to learn the Art and follow the ancient ways they would be accepted into the coven for all eternity.

Failure to attain this goal of oneness with Artemis was not an option, the pagan world looked to them for inspiration and guidance. They then were introduced four tutors, all of whom were priestesses in the Sacred and Most Ancient Coven of Artemis.

The two find that life in the coven is not without a bit of distraction, of the lesbian variety. All worked into their final preparation into the coven, the art of full body lesbian massage is taught and mastered. The ability to be comfortable in the nude and take pride in one's body. Of course the chance to ride a full witch broomstick in place of the ones from Cornergrowths.

The final lesson before entrance into the coven is participation in a Wiccan orgy and to take part in the Ultimate Act of Submission with the Headmistress.


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