Galactic environmental anthropologist Gem Gryll lands on a small dwarf planet for a routine survey and is forced to fight for her life to escape.

 Space anthropologist Gem Gryll makes a stop at an Earth-like dwarf planet to perform a routine survey. There, she reunites with an old friend, Tamree, from a previous visit to Endor72B4. The two spend time catching up and before she leaves, Tamree gives Gem a special gift she says might come in handy during her stay.

After spending time together, Gem sets off alone, the following morning to complete her survey. The alien environment of Endor72B4 is eerily reminiscent of her own planet earth's. Even some of the flora and fauna are strangely similar.

While Gem is approaching her first stop on the survey, she happens upon the lifeless body of a young girl. Gem, fortunately, is able to revive her and before she is able to get much information from the girl, they are attacked by a huge ferocious beast. Gem dispatches the beast in such a manner it startles the girl who now believes Gem to be of divine origin.

Gem decides to take the girl back to her people but realizes they will not make it there, during the daylight and suggests the two of them spend the night in one of the numerous caves that line the nearby mountain. The young girl tries, to no avail, to warn Gem of the danger of staying in caves but stay there they will.

The unheeded warning comes to haunt Gem and the girl as once trouble finds them in the caves their lives are threatened, and Gem becomes fearful she will be killed along with the girl by the hideous dangers that surround them.

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