The Last Woman on Earth

Erin is a graduate student. She is also trapped in a zombie apocalypse of grand scale.  As time passes, and friends die,  she fears she is the last woman on earth.

The terrifying zombie apocalypse arrived with any preamble. And Erin, home from grad school, watches as her parents succumb to the vile infection of the zombie marauders, and finds she is helpless to help them. The devastation continues and there seems to be no end in sight. It’s all Erin can do to keep focused on day to day survival

All around her she see her friends and neighbors perish at the hand of bloodless monsters. The dwindling human population soon leads Erin to believe she is most likely the last woman alive. Resigned to that thought she finds a suitable location and sets up defenses and supplies and does what she can to survive.

She takes her Harley out in search of supplies and while getting gasoline at an abandoned gas station, she first hears then sees a teenage girl, Cinnamon, trying to escape the zombie menace. The girl is trapped in a tree when Erin arrives just in time. She decapitates two of the predators trying to get to her the teen and rushes her away to safety.

Erin takes Cinnamon back to her secure hideout and cleans her up and feeds her and spends some time getting to know her. Both women are starved for human companionship and that starvation moves on to lust and the two make up for the lost time in regards to the absence of sexual attention.

The world seems to be all rosy to them both, they have each other and they feel safe having the human companionship. That is until Cinnamon, gets careless and wanders out of the security of Erin's compound and is ambushed by a ubiquitous zombie horde.

Erin finds her lover, dead and reluctantly decides to move on. She doesn’t feel safe with Cinnamon gone and she is not able to live with the memories of Cinnamon she associates with the compound. Erin moves on, in search of a better haven, now certain she is again the last woman on Earth.

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