Jade and Melody battle through a grueling internship in the future. The future world is a Dystopian nightmare ruled by dominant women, aptly called Mistresses.

Jade and Melody are apprentices in the conservatory, learning their craft to become full-fledged Mistresses. The training is rigorous and brutal. The girls submit their bodies, physically and mentally to the Lectors that instruct them, then provide for their own Mistresses after their learning is over for the day.

Jade was the first to be taken by Mistress Darden, who used cunning and sorcery to subdue the beautiful young girl. When Melody learns of how Jade was tricked into her servitude, she decides to confront Jade's Mistress, but things take a turn for the worse and it isn't long before she too is taken into servitude by Mistress Darden.

The two girls suffer their time in the conservatory and with their Mistress, all the while plotting and scheming just waiting for a time when they are Mistresses and they can repay Mistress Darden for her harsh and devious treatment. But fate smiles and as it happens the two don't have to wait quite that long. After a long bath together the two initiate their plan just before Mistress sends them to bed.


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