An Epic tale of four women doing what is necessary to survive in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic terrifying world.

It all began with a world war, ignited by the shortage of petroleum, that led to a nuclear war that transformed the twenty-second century into the post-apocalyptic hell for the survivors who were unlucky enough to live through the nightmare in. The entire world that remained was either dystopian bondage or brutal zombie-infested wasteland!

Clara and Erin, plot to escape from the dystopian horror, but first they have to find a way to avert the mind control all the inhabitants are subject to, or else remain mindless sheep waiting to be led. The hope they cling to is that there is a settlement hidden in the wasteland where they might seek refuge once they escape.

Marta and Brianna, are barely getting by in their desert wasteland haven. Though not controlled by any totalitarian society, they must ward off attacks from flesh-eating zombies, and scavenge for food and shelter, almost daily. When their settlement is destroyed, they, like Clara and Erin, take refuge further into the wilderness in search of safety, and a better life.

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