Have you ever wondered if you were magically given a body and sex drive that would make any lesbian woman take notice? Missy Wilson had that happen to her years ago when her name was Morgan Harlow and she went to an island in the Caribbean. This story is about how Missy is being forced to pay the price.

Missy Wilson owns a boutique IT consulting firm in Georgia. As a reward for a lot of hard work, she is taking her three top female execs to Reno for a much-needed vacation. And surprisingly they are not planning on going to the casinos, or any shows. Because of a secret, the four of them share


It’s a dark secret. Missy and her friends are genetically re-engineered humans. They never age, they look about thirty years old. They will probably live to over a hundred fifty years. Their bodies are enhanced and would make any fashion model envious. Their lives are controlled by nearly superhuman libido’s when left unchecked

While the transformation seems to be a blessing, it also causes them to suffer the curses that are side effects that force the women to take trips like the one to Reno. Only a week of unbridled debauchery is able to keep their curse under control.

Cursed with the ravenous appetites for most everything, food, drink, and most of all sex; without the occasional trip to Vega, Reno, Nassau, or other such wide-open cities all would run the risk of succumbing to insanity. The worst aspect of the transformation is that they give off phenomes that cause intense sexual urges to those around them. Making it difficult to resist the temptation to reveal their animalistic desires to the world.

The hoped outcome of the vacation is to get their ravenous urges under control. At least for a period of time, just to be able to function normally in their daily lives. Unfortunately, the need for the trips have become more frequent, and the pangs of hunger are returning sooner. Will they find a solution or will they suffer through another wasted debauched vacation unsatisfied and wanting more?

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