An uptight Royal, Duchess Bethany, has never liked sex, was always discouraged from engaging in it, and knew very little about it. Not surprisingly she also had a loveless and childless marriage.

The Duke and Duchess Carroll have been playing a part in a loveless and lifeless marriage for years. Duke Stefan, has found an outlet for his libidinous needs with several of his wife, Bethany's friends.

Prim and proper, Duchess Bethany Joan Carroll, has no interest in sex, never had any interest in sex and for all her lack of interest, she and Stefan are childless and virtual strangers living under the same roof.

One day, just like any other, Stefan drops his wife off at the train station for her occasional trip to town for some shopping. Upon arriving at Grimpen, her destination, she is delayed due to a downpour and meets a lady also waiting out the storm who offers her a seat in the station's coffee shop.

Over tea she learns the exclusive shop she planned to shop was out of business since the owner had passed away. Her coffee companion tells her of a place similar to the one she is looking for, a half-hour cab ride away. Undaunted Duchess Bethany hails a cab and is soon on her way.

When Bethany arrives, the shop is a little more exotic than the staid Duchess is accustomed to. However, she is enticed to browse and is met by the owner, Aahana. The Indian owner is an excellent merchant and meets all of Bethany's expectations and then some. Unknown to the Duchess the Indian Boutique owner has a dark secret, and Duchess Bethany will soon get firsthand knowledge of it.

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