What would happen if two members of  legendary races, known for their magic, wiles and powers of seduction, had a chance encounter one cold evening, long ago and far away?

Wynn, an elf, is a cold, and weary traveler, searching for some shelter during a long journey to make a delivery to archmagi. She wanders into a valley between to mountains and finds she has hit a dead end.

Undaunted she searches for a place to avoid the elements when she spies an opening in the base of one of the mountains. Entering she finds it unguarded, and apparently empty.

Shouts to rouse someone are finally heard by a beautiful female figure, Despina, a hospitable host in spite of her ancestry, that of a succubus. The traveler, Wynn knows that the succubus has a dubious reputation and is wary of remaining in her presence.

Unexpectedly though, the succubus is quite a gracious host and charms the elf into staying for something to eat and drink, and to sit by the fire and warm her near-frozen body.

Tired beyond the ability to argue, Gwynn accepts the invitation and the two spend the cold winter evening, in front of a fire discussing their lives and other matters.

The quite civilized encounter moves on to a more romantic and even erotic level and before the sexy elf leaves her host abode, both have sampled each other’s voluptuous treasures.

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