Mavis and Tanya have a karmic collision following an apocalyptic catastrophe that consumed Earth in the year 2525

Mavis and Tanya were friends, really Mavis thought Tanya was her friend. But as time passed, it was apparent that Tanya was a controlling two-faced witch. She wreaked havoc on Mavis's life, marriage, and career. Then came the apocalypse, and the pandemic. Decimating the female population and eradicating all-male mammal life forms.

Fate has a strange way of leveling things out and when the dust settled, Mavis was part of the new world's elite. And with the help of alien technology, Tanya became the submissive companion of Mavis. Years of pent up frustration for Mavis were given an outlet in the form of a subservient Tanya. As expected Mavis relentlessly and enthusiastically put her former boss and two-timing friend through her brutal paces.

Guided by the alien taskforce that took control of Earth during its darkest time, Mavis and Tanya accepted the situation that was played out day in and day out between them. The aliens had a need for the product of the erotic interplay between the two women.

 They converted the remnants of conjugation into much-needed resources for the planet’s rebuilding. Both women, comfortable with their roles were unexpectedly given a new criteria for the interaction of the submissive companions and their handlers. The implementation of a lethal form of 'erotic domination'.

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