Dawn relates her tale of obsession with older women and her involvement with a cult and its charismatic lesbian leader.

Dawn is a lesbian chubby chaser. She is also obsessed with older women. Both of these impulses drive her into the arms of Jenna Isaacs, but once Dawn succumbs to Jenna's advances, Jenna becomes a different person. Though passionate amorous, she tends to treat Dawn indifferently at times and while at others she’s warm and nurturing.

While the bizarre romance advances, Dawn's friend Amber pleads with her to part ways with the lesbian Svengali, when she sees how she is treating her friend. Rather than listening to the advice, Dawn agrees to go on a camping trip in a very remote area of the Appalachians. Blindly ignoring the telltale signs of Jenna's gaslighting and manipulations.

It seems as though Amber was wrong, when the camping trip is actually quite romantic, though at times an odd experience. Returning home she is glad she ignored her friends warnings thinking they were unfounded. That is until Amber calls her and tells her about the abomination the police found at Jenna's place while she and Dawn were away.

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