Kate and Meg find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world New Eden is being overtaken by an army of Amazon-like females called the Argonautica’s.

 Far into the future, a deadly virus is unleashed onto the world, the effect of which is the decimation of the human male population. Emerging from this pandemic are power-hungry females the Argonautica’s, that begin to establish a realm, the world has never seen before.

Kate and Meg are just two of the victims of the Argonautica’s quest for world domination. Where the subjugation of all humans, male and female has become commonplace. Males are relegated to drones to continue the race. Only one in 100 births are male.

Females are running the globe, and rather than risk having males running around free they are imprisoned and used when needed. The non-Argonautican females are then the only viable candidates for servants and slaves.

The is a trial period for only the females deemed worthy of the slave positions. That period can be quite brutal. Some of the candidates fail to make it out of the trial period alive. Things are looking bleak for Meg and Kate at the moment.

Kate and Meg provide the ruling elite a dilemma, are they too powerful to be kept as slaves, or can they be broken and worked into the stable of submissive servants, and slaves needed to run the captured land of New Eden?

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