Three Centuries in the future, on the planet Kerberos, Detective Suzi Li must find an assassin whose weapon of choice is pearl-handled daggers.

In the far future on the planet Kerberos, an assassin is terrorizing the inhabitants. Her weapon of choice is a pearl-handled dagger. Just added to her list of kills is a wealthy trader, Ms. Alexandra Marker.

Detective Suzi Li has been assigned the case since she had a run-in with a similar female assassin who tried to kill her in a steam bath. That assassin wasn't successful, as Det. Li dispatched her with a very cunning move.

The key suspect in the Alexandra Marker case is Justine Marker, the dead woman's niece. During a follow-up visit to Ms. Marker's home, Det. Li is subjected to an unexpected seduction attempt right in the middle of the investigation.

As a result of the seduction attempt, the interrogation ends up being quite lengthy, and the beautiful and rich young suspect and the skilled detective play a very erotic game of cat and mouse, leaving Det Li puzzled concerning the seductress's guilt or her motives.

The question Suzi Li has to figure out is if Justine is trying to seduce her for own pleasure or to escape being arrested by the very shrewd detective. Justine seems to be holding all the cards in this dance macabre, but Suzi has tangled with some pretty devious criminals in the past. Should she prolong the game and accept Justine's invitation to dinner?

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