Mystique is taken by the Carolingian empire following the death of her mother, where she is raised to become a great warrior for the empire.

Young Mystique because of a unique Power she possesses, is forced to watch her mother's execution before the invading Carolingians take her away to raise, where her uniqueness can be groomed and molded into a fine-tuned weapon for the Empress.

Once grown, the adult Mystique is tasked with protecting the Princess Opera, the Empress’s youngest daughter, on her journey to a realm on the edge of the Empire to investigate strange happenings involving the Empire's cache of gold kept there in a seemingly impregnable vault. The gold despite the security measures, has been stolen. Princess discovers the theft when she tries to see the vault which she and Mystique find empty.

The missing gold is just one of many obstacles, encountered on the journey. The routine journey is filled with danger, and hostility, forcing Mystique to wield her Power numerous times in protection of the Princess's life. As a result of the rescues and the closeness of the travel arrangements the two soon succumb to each other's charms and enter into an unlikely romantic relationship.

Once Mystique has returned the Princess safely back to her mother the Empress, Mystique is taken into the Empress's confidence and placed in command of a sizeable army. She has been charged to recover the lost gold and deal with the faction that has attempted to bankrupt the Empire.

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