Victoria Morningstar is a witch, a lesbian, and the target of revenge by Anya Amasova one really ticked-off witch. Anya and her gang will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

Victoria Morningstar is an opportunistic witch. She sells her services to the highest bidder, sometimes her actions are for good, sometimes, not so much. Using her powers she helped the local constabulary put Anya Amasova behind bars. Something Anya vowed to never forget and not rest until she had exacted her revenge.

Anya recruited some help from a girl gang, Nina, and Kelsey, to soften Victoria up before Anya took her revenge. The two recruits, overpowered Victoria while she was caught in a neutral area, where magic was rendered useless. Before they turned her over to Anya, the two lusty lesbian witches had taken their own pleasure from the outmatched Victoria, leaving her softened up, just the way Anya was expecting.

Had it been a wrestling match, what followed would be called a squash job. Victoria was taken through her paces several times over, stripped, beaten, and bloodied. Victoria should have given up and accepted her fate but her pride would not let her stop and she continued to resist Anya only to arouse Anya even more. But even the sassy witch had to succumb to Anya's ire, though unwillingly but indeed unconscious. Now, would Anya end her life or worse?

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