Emerging Power


Two women meet in an all lesbian pub, The Racing Agenda one girl looking for company, the other trying to prevent the end of the world.

Julie meets Cote in the lesbian pub ‘The Racing Agenda’. Julie is a budding writer and she has yet to figure out Cote's thing yet. At first thinking the charming and attractive Cote was like herself, a lesbian looking for some company, maybe a little kookie but still fun to be with.

The two go through a range of emotions on their way to an intimate relationship and just when Julie is satisfied that kookie Cote is just a ditz, she tells Julie the world has ended. Julie would have normally blown off the statement as a normal comment from Cote, but everything in the ‘The Racing Agenda’ goes black. The two decide to leave and find little consolation once outside.

Julie staring at her friend, sees the darkness surround her, and she is carried to a black unconsciousness and later arrives in the post-apocalyptic world her kookie friend had so accurately predicted. What Julie didn't know was that Cote was the cause and could have prevented it.

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