Sarah Godwin is married, a lesbian, a philosophy professor, and head of a witch's coven. She also likes to get drunk and pick up girls for one night stands.

 A young girl interrupts Professor Sarah Godwin having coffee in a donut shop. It seems Sarah and the girl had shared one another's physical charms the night before. Sarah can't remember her name and the girl begins to harangue the lesbian professor of philosophy and witch.

The night before, Sarah had indulged in her weekly guilty pleasure of finding a young attractive female and hooking up. Usually on a night when her husband is filming his TV show, and she is well into her third martini. 

Memories of one-night stands are fleeting and the coven leader is at a disadvantage as the young girl presses her about their interlude and the promise of a job.

The audacious girl's rantings drag up memories from the witch’s previous experiences, and Sarah has no doubt she is guilty of the indiscretion in the girl's eyes. 

But the young girl has no idea the kind of woman Sarah Godwin really is. When the girl threatens blackmail it is brushed off and then Sarah decides to take the offensive position and straighten the little minx out.

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