Jill is nearly killed in a fatal car crash. When she wakens she finds out that she is surprisingly fine and has been 'turned' by a vampire in order to save her life.

Party girl and insatiable lesbian Jill tries to drive home after a night of heavy drinking and clubbing. On her trip home she is involved in a near-fatal car accident and is unconscious along a lonely country road, near death with no help in sight before she loses consciousness.

When she wakens, she finds that she is alive and relatively unscathed. The memories of the crash return and that make her condition even more puzzling. Jill’s thoughts are interrupted by a mysterious stranger, Alex. Alex explains why she is in Alex's home and why she is alive.

Alex is a vampire and she happened upon Jill right after the accident. Clearly, near-death and no help in sight, Alex does the only thing she can, she turns Jill and makes her into a vampire. But not just any run of the mill vampire, she is now a sexual vampire.

Once Alex convinces Jill she now has a new life, Jill is anxious to experience her new life of a vampire, a sexual vampire. It isn't long and Jill is partaking of every sexy teenage girl she can get her hands on. Everyone; and she leaves them either dead or drained but begging for more.

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