With a chance at immortality, two women become subjects in a dark science experiment, for over one hundred years. That chance at immortality comes with drawbacks.

 Brooke and Sara, teammates, life partners, and experimental Guinea pigs in an experiment to achieve immortality. Starting near the end of the Second World War. The experiment has undergone several enhancements over the years, and both women are well into their second century of life.

The price of immortality does come with some downsides. The subjects need to be rebooted after several decades. The reboots do come with a price.  The two women are fully aware of but have somehow learned to live with.

The reboots are necessary when old memories start to reappear, either awake or in dreams. The memories are built-in warnings that the subject needs a reboot before insanity consumes them. The dreams soon become more real to them than actual reality and the memory alerts seem to become more frequent.

The women are learning over time, that human life is more complex than the scientists in the late 1940's ever dreamed and the philosophers of old always claimed.

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