The Endorphin Chasers of Daron

A dystopian future where two groups of enhanced humans, The Apex and the Crocs are in a war for the control of the known world.

Leona, Jayna, and Anda are the targets of the race war between the Apex and the Croc. They are the last members of the royal family of Apex. Their mortal enemies, the Croc have planned a final solution to rid the planet of Apex and capture and kill the royal 'Triangle'.

The Croc surprise attack catches the girls unaware and they must scramble to seek shelter and safety from certain death at the hands of the Croc. With Leona the Warrior princess missing, and Jayna and Anda on the run through the wilderness, the fugitives become ensnared in a paralyzing Croc Gateway making them an easy target for a rogue band of Croc and put an end to the royal family.

Their fears became reality as a lone Croc appears in a distance from the forest. The older Anda, conceals her young lover Jayna in some bushes, in case she succumbs to the attack of the rapidly approaching Endorphin Chaser.

Their only hope is that somehow Leona could find them, she would be able to extricate them from the Gateway and dispatch the Croc. At the moment, any thoughts of that happening seem remote.

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