A six-story collection of dystopian worlds, time travel, alien civilizations, mind control, plagues for outer space, and lesbian romance.

 A Dystopian Romance: In a future dystopian world, Abby finds herself torn between two lovers, Serena, and Justine.

Stranded in Time: Jacqueline wakes hungover with a blank memory of the night before. Then she is contacted by a person claiming to be a stranded Time Traveler who fills in the blank spots.

That Girl from the Past: Whitney Simmons, quite by chance, learns of a lesbian affair her grandmother had nearly a century earlier with a girl named Whitney Simmons

A World Apart: Brigid is an Amnell princess and has been sent by her mother to make peace with the Empire of the Mord

A Learned Behavior: Piper is a girl with a past. She is beginning her first day of college and meets new friends Tasha and Tiffany. She hopes the friendship will erase the memories of her past.

Antidote for Lust: A debilitating plague is in a head-on collision with Earth. But its arrival to Earth maybe sooner than they expected


The Phobans and the Deimosian, have been two clans at war for some time, however, a traitor has emerged from within the Deimosian ranks swaying the advantage to the Phobans.

 Chief Commander Amoura the leader of the Deimosian elite warriors, the Rebellons has discovered she has a spy within her command, an unknown traitor who has relayed vital the Deimosian battle plans to the enemy forces, the Phobans.

Calling on her most trusted Rebellon warrior, Alaia she directs her to lead a squad of Rebellons, with a plan to trap the Phobans and discover who the traitorous Rebellon actually is. Amoura’s plan is set for the Phobans just as she laid it out, but they didn't figure on Alaia's most hated rival, Oakleigh Reddish being the enemy squadron leader.

The two clash letting personal feelings cloud their judgment and the success of Amoura’s plan seems in doubt. Meanwhile back at the command center, the real traitor exposes herself and takes the Commander and her small staff prisoner. The traitor then proceeds to work Amoura over to find the key to the trap Alaia is setting.

Amoura is caught completely off guard and the future of the Deimosian empire and their Queen Yaritza is doomed to destruction at the hands of the Phoban infiltrator and her army of guerrilla fighters.

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